At Stem to Stern Massage Clinic, improving overall client wellness is what we strive for. We believe that the craft of massage brings the ability to enhance daily lives by balancing, restoring, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Witnessing and hearing about how the changes you are experiencing in your health is the driving force behind the passion of Stem to Stern. We welcome all ages to experience our treatments.

It is important that our specialists have years of experience, this is highly recommended because of the abilities, knowledge and training gained over the years ensures the best results for you. Our team is dedicated to providing a relaxing experience. Stem to Stern changes one body at a time. It is our priority that everyone leaves our clinic feeling satisfied after each treatment, and that they have had an unforgettable and memorable five star service.

Stem to Stern is mobility friendly. The entrance to our building has a mobility button with a foyer and elevator. The clinic has lots of room to maneuver walkers, scooters or wheel chairs. Our restroom also has room for anyone with disabilities.  

Within our clinic, we are mindful to use scent-free and natural cleaning products. We do not use scented candles or scented oils in our treatment rooms. Our massage oil of choice is Holly Oil, it is non-staining, fragrance free, clear and non-comedogenic. 

**Please note that we DO NOT deal in direct billing with insurance, as we employ Massage Specialists and not RMT's** 


Mobility Friendly Clinic 


  • Improved Circulation

  • Lowered Blood Pressure

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

  • Quality Sleep

  • Better Range Motion of Motion

  • Pain Relief

  • More Energy

  • Harmony and Balance with Body

Mission Statement

We wish wellbeing from within

To bring balance, calmness and movement

Most of all, improve daily lives

Providing quality staff, services, and space,

While investing in your overall wellness.