There is a biological and mental connection between our bodies and our minds. 

Body-Mind Integration massage addresses the integration of body and mind. The purpose of this massage is to achieve relief from stress and/or trauma that gets stored in the body when our bodies are responding to a fight or flight situation in our environment. 

According to Somatic Psychologists, our bodies hold on to past traumas and are reflected in our body language and posture, and also expressions. Trauma symptoms are the effects of instability of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System). Past traumas disrupt the ANS. ANS can  return to homeostasis through working on this instability with massage.

The process of this type of massage involves lighter to medium pressure, observation of bodily response, hand pausing and breath work. Verbal communication of experience between client and specialist throughout this process can be helpful, and is welcomed and encouraged- although not required to achieve results.

After this type of massage, you're likely feel less tense, more grounded, present, mentally and emotionally clear.

Since we all experience some form of stress in ours lives, this type of massage can be beneficial to anyone!

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