At Stem to Stern Massage Clinic, we offer program cards. These are used like punch cards, and offered for all treatments. Program cards can be bought in sets of 4 or 8. With each set purchased, you save $5 on each treatment, and $20 overall per 4 sessions bought. Program cards do not expire, and can be used over any amount of time or transferred to a friend or a family member per request. 

We offer program cards as a way to better your experience in relaxing and formulate a goal to work towards. Purchasing a program card allows you the flexibility to walk in and out of your appointment without having to worry about payment, so long as you have a valid card on file. Program cards are kept on your client file and managed by the Stem to Stern staff so that there is no worry to remember about keeping and bringing the card each visit. 


GIFT CERTIFICATES available at the clinic or by phone

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Debit, cash, check and all major credit cards accepted.