Samantha Whitney

CEO/ Massage Specialist

Samantha expanded her massage clinic, formally known as Healing Hands, in Sidney at the start of the new year in 2017. Celebrating 30 years of wellness in the industry, there was a need to grow the business for more alternative health options. Since she was a young girl, massage inspired her through the power of healing touch. Starting out at a young age gave her the time and experience she needed to truly understand the body, its movements and how it behaves.


Through the years, her passion for the craft and drive to help others has been immense. Having been an instructor and writing manuals while continuing studies on a regular basis, her modalities are always growing. She tries to inspire clients to have hope through educating them on how to reduce their stresses.

Alexander Walker



Massage Specialist (Currently In his finals for Massage Therapy Educational Institution in Victoria.)

Alex has an extensive back ground, working with aliments such as; MLD, Chronic Disease, Parkinson’s/OA/Fibromyalgia, Deep Tissue, Full Body Relaxation, Joint Mobilizations, GTO Release, Head/Face/Cranial Work, Plantar Fasciitis, Hip/Knee Replacements, Pregnancy etc.

Alex has worked with Clients from ages 11-94, and creates a comfortable and safe environment for all peoples and genders alike. He likes to incorporate lots of Homecare and appropriate stretches into his routine, which allows his clients to feel the benefits of his treatments long term.

Alex has an extensive sports background of 20 years in a variety of sports and is currently studying for his CPT. This allows him a wealth of knowledge for clients who are wanting to become more active/ clients who are wanting to improve their daily activities. This combination of growing knowledge makes Alex a perfect choice for clients on the path to recovery, clients looking to receive a better knowledge of their bodies, and clients who need the extra help in becoming more attuned to their selves. He loves to bring a positive change to you're  every day.