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Whether its your first time or if you have regular esthetic services, Stem to Stern's beauty team will provide you with a quiet, calming and safe environment. Our decades of customizing hair removal, lash/brow tints and lash lifts leaves you feeling smooth and soothed.


Refine, refresh and repeat your bookings on a regular basis with our dedicated beauty specialist. Retreat yourself by adding other wellness services to enhance your experience.

Brow Shaping Services


Shaping one's brows really helps showcase the eyes and facial features. Let one of our beauty care specialists design your brows using tweezing, waxing, tinting and/or lifting, to enhance your look. Treat yourself, its worth it!

You can choose to shape your brows or tint your brows, better yet, do both!

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Luscious Eye Lashes

Let your lashes be free from having to apply mascara every day or waking up with raccoon eyes. Your beauty specialist carefully and meticulously works with each lash to highlight your natural features by lifting and/or tinting. Our lash expert will enhance each of your lashes for a more expressive eye.

Renewing Hands and Feet

Maintaining healthy nails is an important part of body care. Pamper your hardworking feet and/or hands with our classic pedicures and manicures. Optionally, you can choose the Lux service which includes enveloping in paraffin and colour, from an array of our natural Zoya nail polish to choose from. Please bring open toed shoes.

Classic: We focus on removing dried cuticles, cleaning up the nail bed, skin and finishing with a renewing hand and/or foot massage.

Lux: Includes a lavender or peach paraffin dip and a beautiful nail paint with a choice of many natural nail colours, in addition to removing dried cuticles, cleaning up the nail bed, skin and finishing with a renewing hand and/or foot massage.

Duo Lux: Combined Lux treatments for you hard working hands and feet. They deserve the pampering!

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Waxing Services

Customized services to suit your upper body hair removal needs. Warm soft wax and bleached free linen are used to remove unwanted facial or underarm hair. Before and after care is an important part of your beauty specialist's focus.


Have a professional design your eyebrows, upper and lower lip, chin and underarms to highlight your features. Helps one feel fresh, smooth and refined.