Somatic Response Massage connects on a deeper level to all tissues and cells.


Our tissues and cells hold memories from conception to present. With everything that that life throws at us, somewhere along the way these memories get trapped within the body causing a domino effect of health issues that are hard to get over. Somatic Massage releases the negative memories from trauma, injuries, accidents, birth, abuse, poor posture, and post operative ailments.

When you receive a Somatic treatment the release of memory in the tissues can be quite an emotional experience. As the body releases and time passes, the negative memories begin to be removed. Once those memories are released, they do not come back. It is then replaced by a healthy response to touch. Anxiety and stress play a big role in our abdominal and mental health too, when restoring the tissues memories in those areas, it helps to take away stiffness, and aches.  One may notice more energy, and may feel lighter and brighter. It can take several sessions of Somatic Massage to see results, and it can depend on how much the body is holding on to.