Awesome space and wonderful staff. Very relaxing and peaceful. Thank you! - Marylin W.


The moment I walk into this lovely space I feel relaxation and a feeling of well-being comes over me. I am so happy to have found Stem to Stern. - Kay G.


Thank you for rekindling me desire to have a more loving relationship with my body. - Helen F.


This is my happy place! - Cynthia F.

I fell in love with Samantha’s healing hands many years ago, and look forward to her treatments to this day! She is truly amazing at what she does – pure magic. - Krista K.

I am grateful to have added Samantha's expertise to my weekly wellness program.

Starting with 1 1/2 hr. sessions of massage and now 1 hr. weekly has made a significant difference in my body. Helping with leg cramps and a better nights sleep. She has magic hands and a wonderful heart. - Gloria M.

I was wearing a neck brace and sometimes a back brace. Since I received Samantha's back and neck massages, I no longer wear brace. Doing much better and walking without help. - Dr. James R.

Beautiful place, beautiful people and excellent massage. What a paradise! Thank you - Georgina H.

Amazing! Feel brand new! - Cynthia R.

Will return. Wonderful! - Sandra P.

I'be been "touched by the stones"! Peaceful - Grounding - Balanced. Thank you! - Pamela S.

Wow What a beautiful space, beautiful staff and amazing treatments. Thanks for being here Stem to Stern!! - S.W.

Top class place. - Trevor W.

Amazing and relaxing reflexology treatment today to help me carry on 'til the next appointment which I'm looking foward to. Thanks so much for your caring concern & encouragement. - Hazel B.

And you...? What do you think?